Jamison Ag and Turf can trace it’s roots back to 1970, when Jamie Jamison returned home from his all-expense paid trip to Vietnam, courtesy of the United States. Jamie, the eldest of six children, was raised on a grain and cattle farm in Poolesville, Md. At an early age he was taught about the care and commitment that goes into producing quality agriculture. Having the option of following his father in the real estate market, Jamie opted to answer the call of farming. In 1970, with a few pieces of used equipment and 100 acres of leased ground, Jamie embarked on a life of working the land that his family pursues today.

Beside every great man is a great woman. In 1976, Jamie married Kathy Boland who resigned from her job as a nurse to become full-time mother of three boys and bookkeeper for the farm. Joseph, Patrick and Michael were all born within three and a half years, from oldest to youngest. All three boys were raised helping with the day-to-day operations of the farm. And all three ventured off to college to earn a degree.

Joseph received a degree in agribusiness from the University of Maryland in 2001 where he honed his skills in the production of turf. Patrick received a finance degree from East Carolina University in 2003. Michael received a business degree from East Carolina University in 2004. One by one, the three sons returned home to build on their parent’s strong foundation.

Today Jamison Ag and Turf grows corn, soybeans, wheat and turf on 5,000 acres of land. With the next generation of grandchildren playing in the well-nourished soils, Jamison Ag and Turf is committed to preserving a way of life so the next layer of blocks can be built.